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What to do in your Garden in April

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It’s time to start those super-healthy cruciferous veggies indoors! Cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage will be ready for transplanting into your garden in early may if you start them from seeds at the beginning of April

If you’re blessed with lots of room, you can also start your lettuce, peas, peppers, and tomatoes from seed now, but because they’re all faster growers, it’s ok to start them in the garden once the risk of frost has passed.

Did you know you can grow some veggies indoors by using the cuttings from your store-bought groceries? Garlic scapes, lettuce and green onions are particularly easy. Think of the savings at the grocery store and in your green bin!

green onion cuttings

For green onions, save about 1” of the bottom of the green onion and pop it into a shot glass with 2” of water. Change the water every day.

Change the water every day and in only 5 days or so, you’ll have a fresh crop

The method for garlic scapes isn’t very different:

Place the budding clove or whole bulb in a small cup or bowl.  Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the cup and touches just the bottom of the cloves.  Do not submerge the cloves.

Change out the little bit water in the cup or bowl when it begins to look slightly cloudy - every couple of days. 

You can begin harvesting garlic sprouts when the shoots are 3-inches tall; there could be 2 to 3 shoots growing out of each clove.  Try not to remove more than a third of the growing blades so the sprouts keep sprouting for you!

Garlic scapes can be used much like green onions but have, of course, a delicious garlicky flavor.

Romaine lettuce is another amazingly simple veggie to grow from leftovers! Save the “stump” of a head of romaine and place it in a bowl containing about 1” of water. Check the water every day and pop the pot in a cool, bright window-ledge. Basement windows make especially good spots for romaine.

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