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36 - SPOTMYUV® Detection Stickers


Whether it's a day at the beach or an afternoon on the trail, always remember to reapply your sunscreen. SPOTMYUV® prompts you so you don't forget.

Each time you cover your SPOTMYUV® sticker with sunscreen, your SPOT will turn clear, showing you that you're protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. When your sunscreen wears off, SPOTMYUV® turns purple again to remind you to reapply your sunscreen. Each SPOT lasts one day, 12 hours in outdoor sun.

Dermatologist & pediatrician tested

Hypoallergenic adhesive, latex free

Water-resistant - stays on while swimming.

Tells you when to reapply your sunscreen

Tells you if your sunscreen is working

Works with your favorite sunscreen


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