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Where is Dig It® Handwear headquartered?

Dig It® Handwear is a product created by Dig It® Apparel Inc. and proud to be a Canadian company located in Toronto Ontario.

How much is a Dig It® Handwear glove?

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What are the gloves made of?

  • palm: synthetic leather
  • dots: silicon
  • back fabric: 100% polyester
  • inside finger tip: 100% polyester

Our Industrial Design Patented glove enables the hand to breathe while protecting your fingertips. The  Dig It® glove is made from  recycled material and we are proud to be able to minimize our environmental footprint!

What are the features and benefits of the gloves? Why are they Unique?

Dig It®  Handwear has an Industrial Design Patent  and reinforces the nail area of the glove from the INSIDE resulting in the optimum protection for your hands and nails. It keeps dirt and debris away from your fingernails.

Snug Wrist Synch tightens around your wrist to discourage water and debris from entering your glove.

The wrist is fitted by gathered material to fit snug against your hand.

Our palm is designed with daisy dots to effectively grip tools and materials. The synthetic leather protects your palm so you can work confidently in comfort.

A snug fit to maximize hand and nail protection without material chafing at your hands and fingers. The snug fit also enhances dexterity while working on your projects.

The Dig It®  glove is made of breathable water resistant material to allow your nails and hands to breathe while working.

How do I take care of my Dig It® glove?

For optimal care of the Dig It® glove we recommend you rinse or hand-wash the glove with mild soap in cold water and lay flat to air dry.

Can I shop on-line?

Yes absolutely! Please refer to the Shop Now button on the navigation bar at the top of the page  to walk you through the process.

If I want to visit a store where the gloves are sold, where do I go?

Dig It®  Handwear has retail partners across the country. Please click on “Where to Buy” to find a retailer close to you.

Can I help suggest new products?

We welcome feedback and would love to hear from you on new ideas or how we can revamp our current product. Please refer to the Contact button at the left side of our Home page to walk you through our feedback process.

Where are Dig It®  gloves manufactured?

We currently work with factories in Pakistan, Canada and China. We are very conscientious about selecting factories that share our commitment to the environment, quality and ethics.

Does Dig It®  Handwear involve itself in the community?

Dig It®  volunteers at community events such as Habitat For Humanity and Make a Wish Foundation.  We strongly believe that we need to give back to the communities that inspired and enabled us to learn and grow as individuals. Only growing as individuals will we grow strong as communities to make this world a stronger more vital place.

How can Dig It®  be a “green” company?

Dig It®  Handwear is proud to be a Green and environmentally sustainable company. We value our Earth’s resources and strive to protect our environment by minimizing our footprint.

Our glove is made from recycled material and our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and can be in-turn recycled once its life span is completed.