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Our Story

The innovation that is Dig It® was dreamed up at a family BBQ way back in 2008. The co-founders of Dig It were bemoaning the damage that outdoor activities can do to a manicure and realized that they were nurturing the seeds of a big idea. Both loved being outdoors in nature, sports, DIY project, and all things gardening, but these activities wreaked havoc on their hands and especially their nails. 

And so the concept for Dig It Handwear was born.

With the vision of building a lifestyle business around this concept, they began the search for fashionable and functional gardening/utility gloves that would protect their hands and manicures while they worked and played.

After a worldwide search, the two discovered that no such product existed, and so, determined to provide women with something that would address their need for fashion and function, Dig It Handwear was designed.

The collaborative design process involved talking to nail technicians, avid DIYers, salon owners and of course gardeners, then taking all that input to industrial designers and glove manufacturers to come up with the perfect design. The icing on the cake? with the addition of packing made from recycled materials, they were able to marry their commitment to all things green with style and function.

In November 2009, Dig It presented their business concept to the Dragons on CBC’s “Dragon’s Den”, making a deal with Kevin O’Leary, also of NBC’s “Shark Tank” fame.

Then, in 2012, Dig It was nominated for RBC’s “Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards” in the Best New Start Up category. Over the course of 8 years in business, Dig It has introduced innovative new products and expanded their sales and distribution channels across North America and internationally. 

We strive to provide top-quality products and exceptional customer service, meeting the needs of women everywhere, while respecting the environment.


Dig It® Gives Back

Dig It is proud to volunteer and support events and organizations across the globe. Claudia Harvey, CEO and Co-Founder as well as a proud mother of 3, sits on the International Board of Global Teen Wealth an independent non-profit with a mandate to empower youth through entrepreneurship.


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Media Attention

Dig It is proud to be mentioned across national and international exposure including numerous media articles to participation in the product showcase in the Toronto Film Festival. Dig It is mentioned in two International Best Sellers, Success Hackers and Empowering Women to Succeed, as well as Kevin O'Leary's Cold Hard Truth as the perfect pitch. Stay tuned for further mentions as our Dig It company and products expand. See Press for our latest news!


Dig It Winning Pitch

“The Dig It Pitch built to the next, generating power and force, like a symphony with a joyous conclusion. I couldn’t help but be swept along.” 

- Kevin O'Leary's, "The Cold Hard Truth".

Kevin O’Leary is an International Venture Capitalist, billionaire, media personality on NBC’s Shark Tank and CBC’s Dragons’ Den.