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Our Story

Dig It Apparel® Inc, the brain child of the Dig My Life™ brand began in 2008 with a pair of gloves. The company founders recognized a woman’s need for quality products to protect themselves while being active and in the outdoors, and still looking stylish.

Dig It Handwear® was created because nothing like it existed in the world.  The flagship product is a unique utility glove with an industrial design patented pillow-top protector imbedded in each fingertip. Designed by women, for women, to protect their nails and hands from debris, these gloves uniquely fit a woman’s hands and allow women the “Freedom to Dig Deep”.

The vision of building a lifestyle brand was seeded in 2008 and the Dig It Handwear product was introduced to worldwide exposure when Dig It struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, also of NBC’s Shark Tank fame.  This exposure led to international attention and coverage in numerous media outlets, including Kevin O’Leary’s best seller book The Cold Hard Truth as the “perfect pitch”.  Dig It Handwear is sold worldwide and has been followed by further unique products for women that take care of themselves and their families. As additional products were added over the years, the company grew, and so did the vision.

Fast forward 10 years and Dig It Apparel has launched the Dig My Life™ brand which includes the latest innovation, Dig It in the Sun™.

Dig It In The Sun™ is a revolutionary new UVA/UVB Indicator Dot. It will allow the user to have the freedom to enjoy the sun and outdoors while knowing they are protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays.  Made from a patent-pending biopolymer film that reacts to sunscreen just like your skin, it changes colour to deep purple when you are exposed to harmful rays! And just like skin, when sunscreen is applied over the Dot, it turns clear and only changes colour again when the effectiveness of sunscreen wears off. Dig It In The Sun will visibly help to protect all skin types against sun damage.

Dig My Life™ is not just products…it’s a movement and a lifestyle. The company strongly believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. Dig My life uses business and personal experience to positively impact other less privileged areas of the world. CEO and founder Claudia Harvey created Dig It while raising 3 children. She has a burning desire to help other women and their families grow, learn, develop and thrive. Dig My life uses business and personal experience to positively impact other less privileged areas of the world. Dig My Life™ supports Sonas™ Inc., an organization using the tools of social entrepreneurship to create a sustainable community that feeds, employs and educates their community in Cambodia.   

Stay tuned for more Dig My Life™ products. The Dig My Life vision is to create positive change for customers with top-quality products and exceptional customer service, meeting the needs of women and their families everywhere.

Dig It® Gives Back

Dig It is proud to volunteer and support events and organizations across the globe. Claudia Harvey, CEO and Co-Founder as well as a proud mother of 3, sits on the International Board of Global Teen Wealth an independent non-profit with a mandate to empower youth through entrepreneurship.