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"They are the most comfortable, protective and form-fitting gloves that have proven to be a great asset on the building site. I personally have used the gloves on my construction sites for years and cannot say enough - They are the best gloves PERIOD!!.”

– Ani Bogovic Dekla Developments

"Always wanted a pair of garden gloves that fit as gloves are supposed to do. These certainly fit my small hand and will prevent me from continually taking the gloves off to get hold of something small. By being able to keep the gloves on for the job will save my hands and nails looking scruffy and dirty."

– Maxine Port, Avid Gardener. Toronto, Canada.

"Dig It Handwear allows me to be completely myself…. a DIYer, with tomboy tendencies and a softer feminine side, too.   I can really dig into my garden and yard work and get dirty and not think about my manicure… my girlie indulgence. Of course I appreciate the care that went into the clever and comfortable design, but making it earth-friendly makes me love it all the more!" 

– Karen Sealy, Celebrity Designer on City TV and HGTV, " Summer Home"

"I don’t know who is your biggest fan, me or my daughter. We tell everyone about your product and how well it works. Keep making this product. We love it and it really works!"

– Andy Stafford, South Carolina, U.S.A.


"Most of my clients visit every 2 -3 weeks and for them a beautiful professional manicure is an important part of their style statement. Owning handwear that is modern, comfortable and protects their nails is important and I am confident Dig It Handwear will set the standard for women purchasing gardening/utility gloves."

– Canadian celebrity manicurist Jeff Michener of Rainbow Expressions, Oakville.