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Dig It® Handwear Garden Gloves Purple


Our Classic Dig It® Handwear Garden Gloves feature Pillow-top Protectors® inside each fingertip to keep hands and nails dirt and debris free.

Hands down the best garden gloves. Designed to fit a woman's hand and let you work hard in the garden while protecting your nails from dirt and debris. Perfect for planting, weeding or any DIY project, Dig It® Handwear Garden Gloves let you tackle tough jobs without sacrificing style, comfort or your nails!

  • Pillow-top nail Protector
  • Reinforced, double-stitched fingertips 
  • Non-slip silicone dots
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable wrist, short cuff
  • Revolutionary concept Industrial Design Patent
  • Available in 5 Colours and 3 Sizes

Our washable, breathable garden utility glove is made from vegan leather and breathable fabric. Double-stitching at the fingertips makes them extra durable, and a snug wrist strap keeps any debris from slipping down into the glove.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is a focus for all areas of our business. We are mindful of the choices we make and the impact these decisions have on our planet.

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The Dig It Difference

Patented Pillow-Top Protection

Our flagship product, Dig It® Handwear, merges the best features of a traditional utility/gardening glove with revolutionary pillow-top protection in each fingertip.

The Dig It Grip

A detailed pattern of silicone daisies on the palm sealed to soft and comfortable vegan suede, with a tapered fingertip design, improves dexterity or a traditional utility glove. Whether you are holding tools, manipulating small items or handling delicate plants and flowers these gloves are designed for dexterity.

Crafted for a Woman’s Hand

With our Industrial Design Patent, Dig It® Handwear gloves are crafted for a woman’s hand using technical materials that ensure optimal protection for nails, are comfortable and allow excellent dexterity.