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    Unique garden glove! Protection for manicured hands and so much more.

    Our Dig It® Handwear has an Industrial Design Patent and is new and improved. Our innovative technology provides unique protection for your hands and nails. Whether gardening or engaging in DIY projects, Dig It® Handwear is your "go to" glove for all types of activities. Our washable, breathable handwear is made from:

    • Palm: Synthetic Leather
    • Dots: Silicon
    • Back Fabric: 100% Polyester
    • Inside Finger Tip: 100% Polyester

    Dig It® Handwear is made from recycled material. Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is relevant to all areas of our business. We are mindful of the choices we make and the impact these decisions have on our planet.


    Features & Benefits

    Do other glove manufacturers offer the same nail protection?

    Many gloves have exterior rubber protection but this does not prevent the nail from rubbing the interior of the glove and damaging your manicure. Dig It® Handwear and our unique Industrial Design Patent is the first glove designed to extend the life of your manicure while adding protection from debris and dirt.

    What is unique about the Dig It® Handwear design?

    Manufactured from recycled materials, Dig It® Handwear has an interior reinforced pillow-top protector built on the inside of the glove that prevents the nail from direct contact with the glove. The double protective layer and breathable fabric provides protection from the elements in a durable, quality-made glove. With our Industrial Design Patent aimed at optimizing protection yet providing dexterity and comfort, Dig It® has revolutionized how women protect their hands.

    Is Dig It® Handwear more expensive than traditional gardening or utility gloves?

    Dig It® Handwear is a stylish glove targeted at discerning women who frequent salons and spas for services or simply take care of their hands. The trusted patented technology is competitively priced within the premium glove market.

    Is Dig It® Handwear only for gardening?

    Absolutely not! Dig It® Handwear is great for sports and all kinds of work around the house: cleaning, yard work, moving furniture, sorting recycling, shoveling snow, sweeping, washing the car, organizing seasonal storage, etc.