Dig It® High 5

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    Enjoy extended protection around the house, yard & in the garden with our new Gauntlet style Handwear... it's a "High 5"!

    Dig It® High 5 has an extended cuff and is the newest version of the original Dig It® Handwear. This lightweight utility/gardening glove is made specifically for women to protect their hands and nails. Meant for more robust jobs like landscaping, pruning and tending rose gardens, the High 5 can also be worn for utility work, sports and DIY projects.

    Extend your protection…

    Like the original Dig It® Handwear, our gauntlet style glove has extended the cuff by 5 inches. The combination of breathable & pliable fabrics gives hands comfort and flexibility while the extended cuff improves protection for your wrist and forearm.

    Our customers' need for a more protective glove resulted in this new version of Dig It®. Having both the original and new gauntlet style option will keep you fully protected for all your projects and garden work.

    Available in 3 sizes ranging from Small/Medium, Large and Extra Large, the Dig It® High 5 is made from recycled materials and is fully washable.